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It was easy to, when she felt so hot and sweaty. The Nohrian princess fanned at herself as she took another stumbling step forward, slick slime dewing across her skin. She dipped a hand between her breasts to wipe them dry, only to shudder as she met the odd, viscous slickness that had been leaking from her pores.
Surprised, she looked down only to scream in shock at the sight of her beautiful pale skin turning an olive shade of green. "What's going orrnrrribbit!" Her cheeks bulged at her words, and the princess ga
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Black Box

The Sow Trial


WARNING: this story contain disturbing content read the description below first.


Mira slowly woke up, not knowing where she was or what happened to her. At first, she thought she was in her bedroom, but when she tried to turn on the lights she hit a wall.

Everything was pitch-black, for a moment she wondered if she was blind, when she couldn’t see her hands near her face.  Mira started to panic when she realized that she was in her underwear, only feeling her bra, panties and some weird thing around her neck. Mira started yelling hoping someone would hear her.

“Hello!!! Is anybody here?!!... ha-ha very funny!!!.... you got me, I won’t go to the police if you let me go now!!!.... Please!!!”

A couple of seconds later she heard some mumbling that sounded like a male voice.

“Uuurgh…. My head…. What’s going on here?”

“EEEEKKK…. Back away creep! Why did you put me in this godforsaken place?!! You monster!”

“Whaaa?... Who is that?... Listen… lady… The only thing I remember was driving my sister home when something hit us hard… Hold on a sec… I know that voice… Mira… Is that you? It’s me… your brother… Nash.”

“Nash?!! Oh, God I remember… so glad you are here with me, I got stripped out of my clothes, did they do it to you too?”

“Not from what I can tell, it’s so dark here, can’t see anything… Hold on… I see a small red light flickering near me, maybe it does something.”

Nash reached for the light and Immediately when he clicked it, the room activated itself. The Black Box lit up and they finally were able to see everything around themselves. Nash noticed that he still had his original clothes on, however when he looked at Mira, she was less lucky, the first thing he noticed where the glass walls around her, there was no way he could reach her. Then he noticed Mira was in her pink underwear and kept staring not realizing his 18-year-old sister had turned into a complete bombshell.

She had long straight black hair, on her heart shaped face. Her upturned eyes were shiny light gray that could stare right through your soul, and above them where nicely trimmed black eyebrows. Below her eyes, she had a perfect duchess shaped nose and underneath that, light pink lips shaped like a cupid’s bow.  Her 5.8 feet tall, 95-pound hourglass figure, had a milky white complexion with 36C-cup breasts in the form of teardrops, along with a small 23-inch waist and 36-inch hips with an O-shaped round butt that where as wide as her shoulders.

“Help me Nash, why am I still separated from you? And what is this weird thing around my neck? It looks like some high-tech collar with 4 syringes inserted around it?”

 “Well I can guess why you are in your underwear and not me… don’t worry, if they have to come for you, they have to go through me first. Let me investigate this place first.”

the chamber had pitch-black walls that looked like a cube, if he had to estimate the size, it was around 64 square meters. A small TV screen was attached high on one of the walls, along with a countdown timer that stood at 4:00:00. He also Noticed a bunch of cameras, a weird looking panel with 10 numbers on it, and the small glass box Mira was locked up in.

“What do we do now big brother? I… I’m scared…”

When Nash tried to comfort his little sister the TV screen suddenly started to broadcast and a creepy voice started to talk to them.

“My my… my… my…, brother and sisterly love sure runs deep. You must be wondering why you are here? Well it’s simple…. Mira always had her brother to protect her, Nash was only one phone call away if she needed help. She never learned how to stand on her own feet because BB would fix anything for her. So, I want to conduct a “Harmless” experiment… don’t worry nobody is going to die and once it’s over both of you are able to leave, whether you win or lose.”

“You probably noticed the countdown timer, when I close the stream it will start ticking from 4 hours to 0. Each hour that passes, one syringe will inject itself in Mira’s neck. The syringes contain… let’s say something that releases the inner beast in her. The more injections she receives the wilder she becomes. However, it wouldn’t be fair if there wasn’t a way to get her out harmless. On the panel, you see 10 numbers, when you push on one of the numbers, a multiple-choice question appears. Answer it correctly and you only need to answer 3 more questions to release dear Mira unharmed, but answer it wrong and one syringe will inject her. If you answer 4 correctly in the first hour Mira is saved once again by her brother and nothing happens to her. If you answer 4 questions incorrectly you lose, if you let the time expire you lose, if Mira receives all of the four injections, you lose. In the first hour, you need to answer at least 4 questions to win and one correct, In the second hour it’s 2, in the third, 3, and finally in the fourth you need to answer 4 questions correctly. Time is of the essence. You also need to answer a minimum of 4 questions total.

“Just so you understand the more injections Mira gets, the more of the real Mira disappears, the last injection would cause Mira to be gone almost completely.”

“This stream will end in 30 seconds, Trivia will activate and the game can begin.”

“Hold on you bastard!! These rules are stacked against us, chances are almost nonexistent that my sister gets out of here unharmed!!!” Nash yelled in vain.

“It’s okay Nash, I believe in you, let’s show this sociopath that we can beat him in his own game.”

Seconds later Trivia activated itself and the countdown timer started ticking.

“Hello lucky contestants I’m Trivia bot, my name is dedicated to the roman goddess of witchcraft, Trivia. I’m here to analyze the correct proceedings of the game and update you on the proceedings.”

  • Contestants: Mira, Nash;
  • Receiver of Punishment: Mira;
  • Receiver of Reward: Null;
  • Time: 04:00:00;
  • Wrong Question: 1 Injection;
  • Right Question: Null;
  • Question Total: 10;
  • Release Black Box: 04:00:00<=> 4 Right Questions <=> 4 wrong questions
  • Full Genetic Mapping: Mira (In_progress);


Loading Mira’s data….



…. …. ….



  • Mira’s Genetic profile
    • Race: Caucasian
    • Human: 100%
    • Age: 18
    • Height: 5.8 feet
    • Weight: 95 pounds
      • Perfect BMI

    • Figure: Hourglass;
    • Hair: Long black;
    • Eye-color: gray;
    • Breasts: C-cup
    • Body measurements: 36C-23-36
    • IQ: 110
    • Require: Update after injection

  • Initializing…. Complete

20 minutes later the configuration was finally completed and the Trivia Trial finally could begin. Nash and Mira were annoyed that they already lost 20 minutes of their precious time, but they did strategize during that time.

“Sorry for the slow loading times Trivia is still running on windows vista… budget cuts. Please touch the number that you would like to start with, contestant.”

“Well… times a wasting, let’s pic lucky number 9.”

“Excellent choice… contestant, the first question is:

The average person does what 13 times a day?

  1. Laugh
  2. Sneeze
  3. Yawn
  4. Touch face

“How the hell is anyone supposed to know that? That’s one of the most random quiz questions I ever received, what do you think Mira? I guess it’s… laugh? that’s what I see myself doing around that amount?”

“Oooh… I know that one I read it in ‘Seventeen’… It said yawning, I certainly do that 13 times a day.”

“Ok Mira, at least something useful you learned from those bimbo magazines.”

Nash pressed number 3 on the touchscreen but instead of instantly getting a response the trivia bot started speaking.

“Thank you, contestant, for the answer, after processing… I can say that the answer was… WRONG!!!!… the correct answer was 1. Syringe 1 will be released in 3… 2… 1…”

Mira and Nash watched in horror when the syringe slowly made way to her neck. Mira felt a strong sting and the pink fluid was flooding her body. The serum started to work immediately.

“My body and face is starting to feel so hot, what the hell is in that serum?”

“I don’t know sis but try to fight it, you are in control of your own body, that fluid can’t get the better of you!”

“feel… so… weird…”

There was nothing Mira could do; the serum was slowly attacking every cell in her body, like a virus. The first changes started to come from inside, her intelligence was being reduced.  Then her arms, legs, and spine seemed like they were shrinking a little inside her body slowly adding the excess weight around her tummy and butt, reducing her height by 6 inches and increasing her weight with 15 pounds.  Then the changes stopped.

“Are you okay sis? Hope you aren’t in any pain…”

“It’s okay BB, wasn’t that bad… everything just looks bigger than it was before… even my body looks bigger… my tummy is sticking out… I never used to have any fat there! I feel so itchy around my ears, nose, belly, breasts and butt… need to scratch everywhere… remove bra.

The serum was working again and more drastic changes started to occur, she first noticed her cute pink nipples starting to elongate, first they only where less than half an inch, but after she started to play with them they grew and grew to almost 2 inches. It made her so aroused that it was sending a message to her brain that what was happening to her was a good thing. 4 sets of round spot started to appear under her breasts, that looked like a weird form of rash.

“Hmmm… feel so… good.”

“Snap out of it Mira! Something terrible is happening to you, it’s anything but good”

“Why terrible?... I… feel… amazing!”

The final stages of the first injection started to happen, after she was done playing with her nipples she started to feel something growing out above her butt near her tailbone. Nash stared confused, when he saw a small tail like thing growing out of her panties, it kept growing curling around itself then it stopped… until small black hairs sprouted out at the end of it. Her new appendage Increased the sensitivity around her womanhood making her even more horny than she already was.

“I’m sorry Nash, I… can’t fight it, so… horny.”

“No! You can sweetheart! Don’t let them win, show them you can fight it!”

Nash words were of no help in her current situation, she slowly moved one of her hand to her womanhood in the hopes of relieving herself, unaware that the changes moved up to her face.

Her cute duchess shaped nose slowly started to turn upwards, becoming rounder and rounder, out of the newly formed nostrils, some mucous started to flow making her new pig nose moist, and making a lot of snort noses.

Underneath her long black hair, her ears started to tingle, when in a sudden burst, they grew outward turning into 2 flappy and pointy pig ears. The first injection had run its duration.

Mira turned back to reality noticing her human hand stuck in her panties. After the serum ran out her good feeling was gone, turning into heaviness.

“Snort…. Snort… Oh my… this is so embarrassing… did I really pleasure myself snort, in front of my big brother, snort?”

“Forget about that sis, that’s the least of your worries… look at your face and body! These monsters are turning you in something that looks like a swine!”

“Yeah, thanks for calling me a swine you jerk! As if I don’t have enough things on my mind… what are you talking about I look the swi….AAAAHHH!!”

Mira scared herself, when she saw a glimpse of her face in the mirror, her nose looked very porcine and two flabby things were poking out of her hair.  She touched her porker nose only to feel wet mucous on her hand.

“Dammit, snort, that guy wasn’t kidding when he said those injections snort, would show my inner beast. This is only the first injection and I already look like a freak!”

“It’s okay baby sis, we’ll answer the next 3 questions correctly and find a way to turn you back to normal. There must be people on the outside knowing how to fix this madness, the timer paused during your ordeal, so we can do this in the first hour!”

Moments later Trivia bot activated itself again and the timer resumed itself.

“All righty then, you had a bad start but worry not, you still have a chance to be victorious! We’ll update the process and then continue with our next question. 



Loading updated Mira’s data….



…. …. ….



  • Mira’s Genetic profile
    • Race: Caucasian
    • Human: 80%
      • New Pig DNA detected: 20%

    • Age: 18
    • Height: 5.2 feet
    • Weight: 110 pounds
      • BMI : Slightly overweight

    • Figure: Hourglass;
    • Hair: Long black;
    • Eye-color: gray;
    • Breasts: C-cup
    • Body measurements: 38C-30-36
    • IQ: 80
    • Require: Update after injection

  • Initializing…. Complete


The update took 10 minutes this time, but they only had 15 minutes left in their first hour, Nash knew they had to hurry up so He quickly pressed on number 3.

“Excellent choice, contestant! Question 3 is:

Washington police officers get a half hour class in how to do what?

  1. Sit Down
  2. Eat Donuts
  3. How to not point a gun at yourself
  4. Robocop is not real

Please decide, contestant.”

“Well most cops are pretty stupid but I don’t think they are so stupid that they need lessons in 3 and 4, Trivia bot… your questions are so fucking insane… I really have to put the fate of my sis in the hands of a question like this? Fuck it, all four of them are retarded, I’ll pick sitting down maybe they could learn something from that for their backs.”


 Nash and Mira were so busy focusing on the question that they had lost sight of the timer and the first hour had passed, causing the timer to start peeping Just before Trivia bot processed their answer.

“Thank you, contestant, for the answer, after processing… I can say that the answer was… RIGHT!!!!… Congratulations, your odds of winning have increased.”

“I am sorry to inform you that the first hour has passed with no correct answer. I only processed a total of 2 questions, that’s 2 short of the 4 question minimum criteria. You now require at least 2 questions at the end of the second round.”

“What do you mean you fucking toaster! I pressed it before the first hour ended!” 

“You did, but next time please be aware that my system is running on windows vista and needs 5 minutes of processing time… because budget cuts.  Syringe 2 will be released in 3… 2… 1…”

“Oh please…. I beg you… Snort…. Not again… Is too… much Snort!”

Nash stood speechless near the glass not knowing what to do or say at her still mostly human looking sister when syringe 2 got injected in her cute body. Mira stared back at him with watery eyes knowing another big part of her would be lost when the serum was done with her.

The same changes happened again, her arms, legs, and spine started to shrink at least 7 inches this time, reducing her height to 4,5 inches, while the excess fat got added again to her belly and butt while gaining at least 30 pounds extra in the same area. Her waist was widening and almost had the same width as her hips, erasing her hourglass figure in the process. Her IQ dropped another 30 points to 55, giving her the mind of a 10-year-old. Mira looked at her brother with tears in her eyes

“Snort… Brother… snort… please help me… I… want… to… be… Mira.”

He tried to comfort her, but when he looked at her face he saw that Her Pig nose was getting more pronounced, getting larger and larger merging with her upper lip and extending outward, her lower lip and chin soon followed until her lower face looked exactly like a plain pig, her pouty cute pink lips had gone completely. She would never be able to kiss someone with a snout like that.

“Mira sweety… can… you… still talk?”

“Snort… Snort… Oink…. Oink… Yoink… Nooink. Squeeeel!!!….”

Mira understood Nash perfectly, but her new mouth wasn’t able to form human words. She looked at him and shook her head. Nash realized that Noink meant no and Yoink meant yes. It was weird looking at her face, her hair, forehead and eyes still looked human but the lower portion was completely porcine.

The round red spots on her now fat belly slowly started to push outward forming extra breasts that looked the same as her original ones, but each set a little smaller than the ones before.

Mira’s new assets made her hornier, she couldn’t stop touching them with her hands, she was longing for someone to suck on those 2-inch-long nipples. But her hands were a nice alternative, that was until she noticed her girly hands slowly changing, her fingers where shrinking becoming stubby and stiff, slowly merging in 3 small fat fingers, and before she realized they were nothing more than pig trotters.

“Are you still in there Mira?”

“Y…Yoink…snort” Mira said with tears in her beautiful gray eyes.”

The effect of the second serum was finished and Trivia Bot got activated again.

“You win some and you lose some, Good news is that you answered one question correctly, If you get one of the next 2 questions right you can leave in victory! Let’s update and carry on.”

Loading updated Mira’s data….



…. …. ….



  • Mira’s Genetic profile
    • Race: Caucasian
    • Human: 51%
      • New Pig DNA detected: 49%

    • Age: 18
    • Height: 4.5 feet
    • Weight: 140 pounds
      • BMI : overweight

    • Figure: Round
    • Hair: Long black;
    • Eye-color: gray;
    • Breasts: D-cup + C-Cup + B-Cup + A-cup + A-cup
    • Body measurements: 45D-38-36
    • IQ: 55
    • Require: Update after injection

  • Initializing…. Complete


The update took again 10 minutes. Nash just picked Question 7 in utter defeat, knowing full well that all these questions were impossible to know.

“Excellent choice, contestant! Question 7 is:

It's illegal in Texas to put what on/in your neighbors Cow

  1. Graffiti
  2. Hillary Clinton
  3. Your own dick
  4. Garbage

Please decide, contestant.”

Nash looked at his malformed sister, noticing that she was just busy playing with herself, not that she was any help anyways.

“I don’t know number 3 my dick I guess….”

“Thank you, contestant for the answer, after processing… I can say that the answer was… WRONG!!!!!! the correct answer was 1. Syringe 3 will be released in 3… 2… 1…”



Mira wasn’t paying attention anymore, she just wanted to please her urges, her whole body felt so good, and when she fingered herself with her pig trotter, the orgasms lasted for minutes. However, had she known that it was the last time she could please herself, she might have hoped that her brother guessed the right answer. She felt a strong sting in her neck again.

 “Squeaaal! Oink! Snort!”

“Oh… Mira, I’m so sorry…”

She was hitting the glass walls around her trying to break it but to no avail. Her human feet started to receive the same treatment as her hands, slowly merging into a round shape with her toes combining and lengthening a bit in almost identical pig trotters as her hands, it was getting harder and harder for her to hold balance, they slowly mutated into full trotters and Mira fell to the ground. She tried to get herself back up, but her arms and legs started to tingle same as before, they became even shorter and shorter until she wasn’t even able to touch her chin with them, they were now nothing more but 4 beefy porcine legs, her other bones and organs rearranged themselves while her womanhood moved to a more suitable mating position, on her butt that was now slowly pushing further out in length. All the excess fat of her arms and legs started to move to her torso and neck, filling them so her body turned perfectly round. Her body had almost completely turned into that of a sow, were it not for her 10 breast, they all still looked human instead of pig teats, they were slowly filling with fat, giving them the same D-cup size as her original breasts, reaching nearly the ground.

No major changes had happened on her face other than 2 large tusks growing out of her mouth, and her forehead had shrunk, her brain no longer need the space of a human forehead.

Mira was now more swine than human, Other than her humanlike tits, hair, milky white skin, vagina, eyes, and upper facial structure, everything was 100% sow.

Mira was oinking, squealing, and snorting like crazy, while her human brain remained, her pig instincts started to take over, the only thing she needed, was someone pleasuring her with her fun bags.

“Mira! Please! Stop acting like a wild animal, you are my sister!”

Mira suddenly became calm when she heard her brother’s voice. She needed him, she wanted him more than ever. She turned around sticking her butt against the mirror, pointing her sowhood to him wishing he could please her new form.

Nash was glad Mira calmed down, but disgusted the way Mira’s beautiful perky body had turned in an ugly beast. Her sowhood was just poking out below her anus, still looking like a human vagina. He wondered if a sow’s vagina looked almost the same as a human. She was just a sow with a nice rack, but when he looked at her face and the tears in her human looking gray eyes, he knew Mira wasn’t gone completely.

“I will get this last question right okay Mira, you will always be my sister no matter what happens to you.”

“snort…. Snort…. Yoink!... Snort… Snort.”

Trivia bot once again activated itself and started his routine.

“Are you ready my fellow contestants! 3 Injections were given and only 1 syringe remains. If you answer this one correctly, you can leave the Black Box Victorious! Answer it wrong and you leave it in shame!”



Loading updated Mira’s data….



…. …. ….

ERROR! Could not find data

… … …

… …

New data found…

… …

Genetic profile of a pig.. …

Loading Pig’s data…



  • Pig’s Genetic profile
    • Species: Domestic Pig
    • Gender: Sow
    • Swine: 85%
      • Alien Human DNA detected: 15%

    • Length: 4 feet
    • Weight: 200 pounds
    • Hair: Long black;
    • Eye-color: gray;
    • Breasts: D-cup + D-Cup + D-Cup + D-cup + D-cup
    • Require: Update after injection

  • Initializing…. Complete

“yeah yeah hurry up you stupid machine, the clock is ticking! I want number 2!”

“My apologies for the ten minutes’ delay, my system is running on windows Vista because… Budget cuts, are you ready for the next and final question? Contestant.”

“Just give it you tin can! There’s only like 20 minutes left!”

“Very well are you sure?”




“That’s the spirit! The mood was getting pretty stale here. Question number 2 and the final question to end this game is:

In the French vineyards, it's illegal to do what?

  1. Land a Flying Saucer
  2. Eat the grapes
  3. Kill a frog they might be a native citizen.
  4. talk


“Thanks trivia bot, because of you, I have no longer a fear, of robots, ever enslaving us.”

“It’s always a pleasure to help a human.”

Nash decided to pick number 2, which was the most logical, however when he was about to press it, he suddenly realized that every correct answer so far was number one. Could it be that it is number 1. This time again?

“Flying saucers don’t even exist why would they have a law for it?” Nash thought.

“Wish me luck sis, It’s now or never.”


Nash decided to pick the only consistent thing in this ordeal and pressed number 1.

“Thank you, contestant, after processing… I can say that the answer was… RIGHT!!!!… Congratulations!! you conquered the black box!”

“Trivia bot sad now…. Needs to deactivate and never see her human and swine friends again… Goodbye, contestants.”

Mira’s collar suddenly fell of, while the glass box retreated into the floor and after almost 2 long hours’ brother and sister were finally reunited again.

Mira was oinking and squealing in delight, while running to her brother with her 10 oversized tits shaking like crazy.

“You see hon, I saved you… sorry you still had to lose so much of yourself.”


Nash started to pet the black hair of his sister while staring at each other with eyes in tears. Until the TV screen turned on again, and the shadow of a man started to applaud.

“Well… I guess congratulations are in order…for Nash… Too bad though, I would have loved to see those juicy rows of human breasts get turned into nothing more than a row of pig teats, and see that hair fall out, while losing all of her remaining humanity… I admit defeat.”

“Fucking bastard turn her back to normal now that we won! Wait a second… What do you mean I won?! How about my sister Mira… didn’t she win also?”

“Mira? Oh you mean that funny looking swine over there? Hahahahaha… ha… Look at her… if you cut her hair of she would look like a common domestic breeding sow with giant tits. Funny thing is though that she could have gotten out of that glass cage whenever she wanted and save herself.”

Nash walked to the place where the poor girl’s glass cage used to be.

“What do you mean she could have saved herself there was nothing here, other than the glass walls and the floo….?”

Nash spotted some very tiny black cracks that were almost impossible to spot.  When he knocked on it, the floor sounded hollow. He pushed on the cracks and saw that the floor broke little by little, until it cracked open and an emergency button emerged underneath. When he pressed it the glass cage suddenly locked him up and when he pressed it again, it dropped back in the floor.

He looked up at the tv screen seeing the shadowy figure’s white teeth laughing.

“Hahahaha… The little porker could have saved herself but instead she blindly believed in you, she didn’t even try to take matters in her own hands and see if there was a way out, she was just hoping her brother would save her again. You did though, that beast still has some Mira in her… She still knows that she once was human, that you are her brother, she would probably remember her family, friends and past also, and understand human language. But with her new sow hormones, instinct and body, her lust will be strong… for human males, too bad the only males that would be attracted to her now… will be hogs… I would love to squeeze those mammaries though.”

“I swear to GOD!!! If I ever find out who you are, I will make you suffer like Mira!!”

“You see that box you are in? What it did to your sister? You are a smart guy, you know only people with too much money, time and who are bored as fuck would do something like this. Probably people that are nearly untouchable from the law. In fact, some of them even viewed the both of you as entertainment… And entertaining them you did. I have to say, that you shouldn’t bother in thinking you could fix her, Mira’s genetic data has been completely destroyed and overwritten by the pig data. You probably are not going to like this… but the swine technically belongs to us now Her genetic code has been patented and we need to see how productive she is. So, say your goodbyes.”

“No, you can’t do this you bastard!!! You told us we could leave!!!!”

“And leaving you are… just to different destinations. Don’t worry we take good care of the beast, if it turns out she has no value they will just give her the last injection and turn her into a complete happy sow.”

Minutes later 2 beefed up men in black and sunglasses entered the black box telling Nash he had to get out, but he refused, trying to beat them up, however with one smack they knocked him out cold.”

“SQUUUEEEEELLLL!!!!!!” Mira cried out in distress seeing her brother on the floor.

“Hey Clint”

“what is it Mark?”

“Look at this swine over here.”

Mark and Clint, the companions of the shadowy man were ordered to retrieve Mira and send her to her final destination.

“Ha look at those tits of this swine, they look human.”

They both started squeezing her massive mammaries, which felt so good for Mira, she really wanted anyone to be inside her sowhood while they played with her tits.

“Huh they even feel better than my misses, too bad they are on a nasty beast.”

“What you think they combined this time? A common swine with some human DNA?”

“Don’t know, don’t care, you know what they do with employees that ask too many questions.”

“I suppose you are right, ha good thing we don’t have any moral values.”

“The money they give, make it really easy to block my moral values.”

“All right Mark let’s pick them up and drop them off to their target destinations”

“Sure, thing Clint”

Clint and Mark picked the unconscious Nath and the squealing Mira up. They looked around one last time, shutting it down and closed the door.


The End


(I might continue this in the future)

Black Box The Sow Trial

Female Pig transformation story. A sister and her brother find themselves locked up in a large black box, not knowing what will happen to them. 
Don't know if this site allows content like this so I added it on this site also:…
Constructive feedback about my writing skills and about the story are always welcome. 
Would love to correct the spelling errors, or badly formed sentences if you spot any. (English is not my native language)
I'm an amateur writer and just do this for fun, and to give back to the transformation community.



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